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Active 24hr Fitness

8.1 / 10

Fitness Center   Gym   Personal Trainer  
24hr Fully Equipped Gym and Fitness Centre Active is a 24hr community based gym that is close to home and never closed. Active prides itself with state of the art equipment and at just $8.95 a week and no contracts you have absolutely nothing to lose. Update description
This place is ranked as:
• #13 of 19 Fitness centres in Rockingham
• #32 of 56 Gyms in Rockingham
• #13 of 26 Personal Trainers in Rockingham

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Popularity of Active 24hr Fitness

Active 24hr Fitness Social Media Popularity Score:
8.1 / 10
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Active 24hr Fitness has a total of 401 visitors (checkins) and 4411 likes.
1 reviews of Active 24hr Fitness. Average grade 5 av 5.

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